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UMB Supports and Intervention for Learning (UMB-SAIL) Lab


We conduct research aimed to promote student learning by utilizing efficient, effective, and culturally affirming behavioral supports for youth and vested partners. Our scholarship is primarily applied and behavior analytic in nature, aligned with the UMB College of Education and Human Development commitment to anti-racism and community-engaged research. 



News and Announcements - Updated June 2024

Congrats to recent graduate lab members: Staci and Patrick! Learn more about lab members under the "Team" tab.

News from Current and Former Lab Members:

  • Staci Ballard, M.Ed. is completing her APA-approved predoctoral internship at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care in New Jersey during the 2023-2024 academic year!

  • Patrick Robinson-Link, M.A. is completing his predoctoral internship at Home for Little Wanderers in Boston during the 2023-2024 academic year!

    • Patrick successfully proposed his dissertation titled, "From Screening to Intervening: Using Latent Profile Analysis to Describe Social-Emotional Needs" in Spring 2023. Go, Patrick!​

  • Dr. Margarida Veiga is now an Assistant Professor in the Social Work program at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, MA. Congrats, Maggie!

  • Dr. Sadie Cathcart is now a solid organ transplant psychologist at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center in New York City. We're so proud of you, Sadie!

  • Dr. Jessica Janze is now a psychologist in the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute in New York City. Way to go, Jess!

The lab recently received three external grants:

  • 2023 – 2027: Advancing Equity in the Implementation of Comprehensive Behavioral Health Supports For Youth With or at Risk For Disabilities. Funded: $1,999,991 over 4 years (Score: 1.61). National Center for Special Education Research, Institute of Education Sciences. PI: Lindsay Fallon; Co-PIs: Brian Daniels, Tamika La Salle-Finley (Georgia State University), and Jennifer Green (Boston University).

  • 2023 – 2027: Project Beacon SEAS: Advancing Student Equity, Access, and Success (SEAS) in School Mental Health. Funded: $5,659,982 over 5 years. U.S. Department of Education. Mental Health Service Professional (MHSP), Demonstration Grant Program (CFDA 84.184X). PI: Lindsay Fallon; Co-PIs: Amy Cook, Stacy Bender, Laura Hayden, Tracy Paskiewicz, and Tim Poynton

    • Read about it here

  • 2023 – 2026: Transforming Boston Access to Mental Health (BAMH). Funded: $2,499,996 over 3 years. Improving Youth Behavioral Health Outcomes in Boston through Behavioral Health Workforce Expansion Grant, Boston Public Health Commission. PI: Amy Cook; Co-PI: Lindsay Fallon 

Selected Recent Publications (*indicates current or former student lab member):

Dr. Fallon and Dr. Bender wrote a chapter titled, "Best Practices in Behavioral Problem-Solving Approaches to School Consultation," published this summer in NASP's Best Practices in School Psychology, Seventh Edition!

McKenney, E. L. W., Heidelburg, K., Fallon, L. M., McPherson, E. C., Sipior, C., & *Sunda, R. (2023). Micro-level advocacy toward socially just multi-tiered systems of support: Knowledge and values. School Psychology Review.

Fallon, L. M., *Robinson-Link, P., *Womack, T., *Alba, L., *Sunda, R., *Ballard, S., *Veiga, M., & Johnson, A. H. (2023). Learning to decenter whiteness in schools through teacher professional development: A systematic review. School Psychology Review.

Fallon, L. M., *Cathcart, S. C., Johnson, A. H., Minami, T., O’Keeffe, B. V., *DeFouw, E. R., & Sugai, G. (2022). A teacher self-assessment of culturally relevant practice to inform educator professional development decisions in MTSS contexts. Assessment for Effective Intervention.

Fallon, L. M. & *Veiga, M. B., *Susilo, A., & Kilgus, S. P. (2022). Do teachers’ perceptions of high cultural responsiveness predict better student behavioral outcomes? Behavioral Disorders.


Fallon, L. M., *DeFouw, E. R., *Cathcart, S. C., *Berkman, T. S., O’Keeffe, B. V., & Sugai, G. (2021). Supports to improve academic outcomes with racially and ethnically minoritized youth: a review of research. Remedial and Special Education, 43(4), 237-254.

Full text here


Fallon, L. M., *Veiga, M., & Sugai, G. (2021). Strengthening MTSS for behavior (MTSS-B) to promote racial equity. School Psychology Review.

- Full text here

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